Snow Policy

  1. The Elders bear responsibility for determining whether or not Sunday morning services or other events will be held. In the absence of clear communication from the Elders, assume that everything will go on as scheduled.
  2. The Elders will decide by 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning at the latest whether or not services will be held that day.
  3. The primary vehicle for communicating this decision will be the e-newhope email system. If you do not have reliable access to email, we suggest that you “buddy up” with someone who does so that you can find out whether or not we’re meeting.
  4. We will also leave a message on our website and on our office phone number (410-484-3226) if we are not meeting.
  5. We will also seek to make this decision known through local media outlets but we can’t promise they’ll get the word out in time.
  6. Decisions will be made in consideration of a variety of factors, including:
    1. Weather conditions on the ground
    2. Forecasted weather conditions
    3. Divine revelation
  7. It is our expectation that all New Hope attendees will exercise good judgment in deciding whether or not to travel in bad weather conditions when services are being held. We do not expect anyone to travel who does not feel safe doing so.
  8. People with Sunday morning responsibilities who do not feel comfortable traveling should make arrangements with others on their teams to cover for them. If bad weather is anticipated, please be sure to make these plans well in advance. If these alternate arrangements fall through, we fully expect that the world will keep spinning in your absence, so don’t do something crazy. We can deal with whatever’s missing for one week.
  9. If you do attend the service, please be sure to allow plenty of extra time for snow removal and travel. And if you’re the first one to make it to the church please put some salt down on the sidewalks.