Membership at New Hope consists of five basic commitments:

  1. To be a growing disciple of Jesus Christ
  2. To participate faithfully in the life of a housechurch or other small group
  3. To worship regularly with the New Hope community
  4. To give and serve generously as God leads
  5. To support the leadership ministry of our Elders

New Hope Membership Commitment Card

New Hope Membership Definition


At New Hope, we believe that God calls us to give generously out of the material resources he's given us. We give a first portion of our income as an act of worship, as a spiritual discipline, and as a means of supporting the work of the Kingdom at New Hope and beyond. Many of us find it convenient to give regularly through Electronic Funds Transfer, which involves authorizing automatic contributions from our bank accounts. The amount and frequence of the donations is up to the donor, and EFTs can be changed or cancelled at any time. To enroll, please fill out this form, attach a voided check, and either put it in the offering basket or mail it to: Treasurer, New Hope Community Church, 200 Ingleside Ave., Catonsville, MD 21228.

EFT Enrollment Form

EFT Change Form