Leadership FAQ

Is your Senior Pastor, Jason Poling, Episcopalian?
Yes. In fact, Jason has trained to become an Episcopal priest and was ordained in December 2015. He serves as the vicar of the new Episcopal facility and priest to St. Hilda’s, while retaining his role of Senior Pastor at NHCC.

But New Hope remains a non-denominational church?

Is that likely to change?

What is Jason’s role at New Hope?
Jason serves Senior Pastor of New Hope Community Church, but his duties are abbreviated. He preaches frequently at New Hope, mentor Joe Miller (New Hope’s Associate Pastor), and serves as an elder. As appropriate Jason will continue to represent New Hope publicly in his capacity as our Senior Pastor.

Now that Jason is an Episcopal priest, are there new rules for what he has to do/say/teach during our service?

Should I call Jason “Father” now?
He’s been called worse, but no.

What is Joe’s role at New Hope?
Joe Miller is New Hope’s Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, and is also on the elder team. Functionally, he is New Hope’s operations manager and serves as the body’s pastor. Joe was licensed by NHCC in December 2012 and is currently in seminary working to complete the requirements for non-denominational ordination.

Is Joe becoming Episcopalian too?